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  • Terry’s Takes on Round 1 of the NFL Draft

    Here are some quick hitters about the first round of the NFL Draft. … What was Jacksonville thinking when it selected Blake Bortles with the number three pick in the draft? The last time that the Jags took a QB that burst onto the scene after one big season, it didn’t work out very well. […]

  • Terry’s Takes on the SEC Scheduling Format

    Here are a couple of quick takes on the SEC’s new scheduling format. … The league did the right thing by sticking with an eight game conference slate. Adding the extra contest would have made it much more difficult for each school to schedule seven home games, especially for those that have standing rivalries with […]

  • Top 5 Returning Quarterbacks in the Big 12

    Now that teams are wrapping up spring practice, it’s time to start previewing the 2014 football season. Today, I’ll kick things off by listing the Top 5 returning quarterbacks in the Big 12. 5. JW Walsh, Oklahoma State – Many of you will question him earning the No. 5 spot on this list because he’s still […]

  • Quick Slants: Split-offs, the BCS, and Spring Games

    Here’s my take on what’s going on the world of college football. … Those of you who want to see the 5 Power Conferences split off and form their own division might get your wish much sooner than expected. Dennis Dodds of CBS Sports elaborates on why a “Dennis the Constitutional Peasant“-type of class warfare […]

  • College Football Roundup

    Sorry, folks, today’s edition of college football roundup has been jacked by the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to allow players at Northwestern to unionize. There’s a lot to talk about. … It’s important to note that NLRB’s ruling only applies to private schools. Public institutions do not fall under the jurisdiction of the NLRB. … […]

  • College Football Should Reject ACC’s Deregulation Proposal

    According to a report from Dennis Dodds of CBS Sports,  the ACC has submitted a proposal that would deregulate conference championship games. College football’s decision makers should reject this legislation immediately. While well intentioned, relaxing the rules governing conference championship games will do more harm than good. NOT A HORRIBLE IDEA On its surface, the […]

  • College Football Roundup – Common Sense Rules and Quarterbacks Edition

    It”s Friday, which means it”s time for another edition of College Football Roundup. This week”s discussion deals mostly with rules and quarterbacks. – Surprisingly, basic common sense prevailed earlier this week, as the 10-second rule was withdrawn from consideration. – Much like a neutered dog, Nick Saban just doesn”t get it. When interviewed after the slow […]