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  • 6 Coaches Who Will Not Replace Mack Brown.

    Now that Mack Brown is officially out at Texas, the biggest question is “who will replace him?” I’ll be honest: I have no clue who’s going to take over in Austin next year. Given that UT is one of the top gigs in college football, there should be no shortage of interested candidates. While there’s […]

  • Mack Brown’s Departure Leaves Texas-Sized Shoes to Fill

    By stepping down as the Longhorns’ head coach, Mack Brown left some Texas-sized shoes to fill. At first glance, this statement doesn’t appear to be true. After all, UT hasn’t been the same since it lost to Alabama in the national championship game at the end of the 2009-10 season, limping to a 30-20 record […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 13

    Oklahoma State and Arizona’s impressive victory shook up the poll a little bit, but for the most part things remain the same. However, let me go on record as saying that there’s no way a one-loss team is going to jump Ohio State. Even if Auburn or Missouri were to upset the Crimson Tide, there’s […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 12

    Week 12 certainly disappoint, as it caused to me to shuffle the rankings a little bit. As I wrote in my Tuesday Question at CFN, I expect this to change a few times before the season is over. With that said, feel free to email me or argue with me on Twitter if you disagree. […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 11

    Thanks to impressive wins by Stanford and Alabama, my Top 25 looks much different this week. As always, feel free to comment below if you disagree! 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. Ohio State 4. Baylor 5. Stanford 6. Clemson 7. Missouri 8. Auburn 9. Oregon 10. Fresno State 11. Texas A&M 12. Michigan State […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 10

    Here’s how I voted in this week’s Campus Insiders Power 16 Poll. As always, if you disagree, feel free to email me or drop me a tweet on Twitter. 1. Oregon 2. Ohio State 3. Alabama 4. Florida State 5. Baylor 6. Stanford 7. Clemson 8. Auburn 9. Fresno State 10. Missouri 11. Texas A&M […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 9

    As many of you know, I vote in the Campus Insiders Power 16 Poll every week. Here’s what the ballot I submitted yesterday looked like. Feel free to email me or send me a message on Twitter if you disagree. Regardless, please be sure to check out college football guru Pete Fiutak’s piece, which breaks down […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 8.

    Wow, what a weekend of college football! With a number of upsets taking place, this week’s poll is going to look much different. As always, if you disagree, please feel free to drop me an email or go visit me at Twitter . 1. Oregon 2. Ohio State 3. Florida State 4. Alabama 5. Texas […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 7

    Here’s where the teams stand at the halfway point of the season. Since I’ve been overloaded with work at my “day job”, I’m just listing the teams this week. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to put in some more snarky comments next week! As always, if you disagree, please send me an email. 1. Oregon […]