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  • Big 10 Preview

    By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_cfn Predicted Standings Leaders                                                                                                Legends 1. Ohio State                                                                                       1. Michigan 2. Wisconsin                                                                                      2. Nebraska 3. Indiana                                                                                           3. Northwestern 4. Purdue                                                                                           4. Iowa 5. Illinois                                                                                            5. Michigan State 6. Penn State                                                                                     6. Minnesota  Championship: Michigan 27 Ohio State 23 Why Michigan: Last year, I said after […]

  • Wins, fame, money. And the chest to deal with them all

      By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_cfn   The only people who claim that money and fame will cure all of their problems are those that have little to none of either. Money and fame are intoxicating. They’re like winning, and in sports, all are intertwined. At its grassroots evolution, the winning comes […]

  • Bart’s 2013-14 PRESEASON POLL

    By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_cfn Disclaimer: I do my preseason poll differently than most people. For one, I hate preseason polls, but the convictions of the industry demand I bother with creating one. Everyone who blogs about college football has to. Anyways, when you read this, understand THIS IS WHERE I THINK […]

  • CFB Roundtable: BCS Busters, Break-ups, and Bama Threats

    1. All of the conference commissioners suggested that it might be time for the 5 major conferences to split off from the rest of the FBS. Should the big boys split off from the NCAA or should things remain as they are? Bart: Very rarely will I say this, but “I don’t know.” Usually I’ll […]

  • Muffed punts: things I think about college football right now

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_cfn USC AD Pat Haden affirmed that head coach Lane Kiffin was not on the “hot seat” this week, like there was anything else he was going to do. No AD is ever … ever going to say someone is on the hot seat going into the season. […]

  • Manziel hasn’t changed. Everyone else has

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_cfn I vividly remember it, because when you’re bored and ornery, you vividly remember a lot. First off season last year as an FWAA member, and I’m scouring my e-mail at work. Boom, conference call with Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. I had to set aside time for […]

  • The Darkest of Horses in 2013

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_cfn Death, taxes, the Daughtry and 3 Doors Down tour being one of the worst ways you can voluntarily spend a night. There are certainties in life. So too in 2013 are there in college football. Alabama will be good. Like, national championship level good. Ohio State will […]

  • AJ McCarron. College football’s Tom Brady?

    By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_cfn Unless you grow up there, Alabama football is an acquired taste. It’s a lot like an Oatmeal Stout or an India Pale Ale, if you’re a beer drinker. And if you’re not, you’d better be medically unable or underage, because you’re sorely missing out. You don’t start […]

  • Wes Lunt? Program saver. Possibly.

    By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_cfn Well, unless there”s something in the fine print, or Oklahoma State made a syntax error and left “Illinois” off the novel-sized list of schools that former quarterback Wes Lunt is not allowed to entertain attending, the Illini and coach Tim Beckman just scored the haul of the […]

  • It’s Disturbin’ If You’re Blaming Urban!

    By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_cfn A couple of years ago, I sat down to speak with an athletic director about a basketball coaching position. Like any other interview, there were expectations, some obvious, some unique to the situation. More of the conversation focused on athlete decorum, doing things the right way, and […]