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  • College Football Roundup

    Sorry, folks, today’s edition of college football roundup has been jacked by the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to allow players at Northwestern to unionize. There’s a lot to talk about. … It’s important to note that NLRB’s ruling only applies to private schools. Public institutions do not fall under the jurisdiction of the NLRB. … […]

  • College Football Should Reject ACC’s Deregulation Proposal

    According to a report from Dennis Dodds of CBS Sports,  the ACC has submitted a proposal that would deregulate conference championship games. College football’s decision makers should reject this legislation immediately. While well intentioned, relaxing the rules governing conference championship games will do more harm than good. NOT A HORRIBLE IDEA On its surface, the […]

  • College Football Roundup – Common Sense Rules and Quarterbacks Edition

    It”s Friday, which means it”s time for another edition of College Football Roundup. This week”s discussion deals mostly with rules and quarterbacks. – Surprisingly, basic common sense prevailed earlier this week, as the 10-second rule was withdrawn from consideration. – Much like a neutered dog, Nick Saban just doesn”t get it. When interviewed after the slow […]

  • There Is No QB Controversy at Michigan

    Contrary to popular opinion, there is not a quarterback controversy at Michigan. As long as he’s healthy, Devin Gardner will be the guy for the Wolverines this season. COACH SPEAK Don’t misunderstand Brady Hoke’s comments back on February 4. Sure, he said that he was opening up the competition at quarterback. But that should be true […]

  • The Six Worst Sports Fans on Twitter

    The Six Worst Sports Fans on Twitter

    Social media. It’s either the best thing ever or the worst thing possible depending on whether or not you’re 15 or 65. I’m not delving into the depths of who is closer to being right. Leave that up to CNN in between reporting fake news. But in terms of sports, social media … mainly Twitter […]

  • Bielema doing self no favors with shameless politicking

    By Bart D. On Twitter @Bart_CFN and College Football News Just about this time last year, Arkansas had made the biggest hire of the off season. What a coup they did, plucking a Rose Bowl coach from a B1G power school and bringing him down to Arkansas, they of 0 SEC titles and one of […]

  • No no-huddle? No logic. End of story.

    No no-huddle? No logic. End of story.

    By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_CFN and College Football News Used to have this cat. It tried its darn best to use the litter box, and would get furious if there wasn’t enough litter in the box in its own opinion. But when the cat would get in the litter box, it’d only […]