Quick Slants: Split-offs, the BCS, and Spring Games

Here’s my take on what’s going on the world of college football.

… Those of you who want to see the 5 Power Conferences split off and form their own division might get your wish much sooner than expected. Dennis Dodds of CBS Sports elaborates on why a “Dennis the Constitutional Peasant“-type of class warfare may begin in the near future.

… If that happens, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for college football. Yes, the schools that miss the cut will feel slighted at first. But that anger will quickly go away as they realize that they have an opportunity to play for a championship.

… That’s quite an improvement from the current system, where no one from outside the five “big boy” leagues has a chance to qualify for the College Football Playoff.

… At least the BCS gave the non-AQ leagues a shot to play against a marquee opponent in the postseason.

… Speaking of the BCS, it’s time to give the now-defunct system some credit. While it failed more often than it succeeded in getting the best two teams on the gridiron, the BCS never would have allowed the 26th and 29th best teams in the country to play for all the marbles.

… In case you’re wondering, that matchup would have been Washington against Marshall.

… That’s what makes college football so great: every game counts when it comes to crowning a champion. A team can’t simply catch fire at the right time, and expect to bring home a crystal football.

… If you’re looking for a way-too-early-Heisman Trophy candidate, be sure to keep an eye on Miami’s Duke Johnson. Yes, he’s still recovering from last year’s season ending injury against Florida. But now that Ryan Williams will likely to miss the 2014 season due an ACL injury, the ‘Canes will need to rely on Johnson more than ever.

… Forget about the offense, as the quarterback controversy is literally a show about nothing. Michigan’s Big Ten title hopes rest on how well the defense plays this season. Judging by the success of the Wolverines’ 4-3 Over look yesterday, Brady Hoke has to like his chances.

… Texas A&M finds itself in a similar predicament. With the loss of Johnny Football, the Aggies’ offense won’t be to outscore everyone like it did last season. To win the SEC West, A&M’s defense must resemble the “Wrecking Crew” units that terrorized college football under the leadership of RC Slocum.

… If spring ball is any indication, the Aggie D is much closer to that level than people think. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare against seasoned veteran Dylan Thompson and South Carolina to open the season on August 28.

Terry Johnson is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the National Football Foundation. Follow him on TwitterFacebook, and/or Google+.