It’s a June kind of college football rant

By Bart D.
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College football headlines right now: Mike Leach catching fish; Florida letting go of a position coach; Ed O’Bannon/non college football specific stuff; Stuff about Northwestern scoreboards and Taylor Martinez’ brother. Yep, it’s June.

Went unnoticed because it’s June and college football typically goes unnoticed this time of year, but the worst sanctions in the history of the NCAA came to an end this past week with Southern Cal taking the ankle bracelet off from the Reggie Bush fiasco. It should have never happened and it’s costed USC’s program dearly. They did about as good of a job as you can ask for during the period. They’re still probably a year away from accruing that old Trojan depth, but it won’t be long now, kids …

Mark Emmert saying that the Power 5 and the NCAA not being that far apart in what they desire sounds an awful lot like a high school girlfriend saying that when you go to college two states over, the distance really isn’t that far, and “I can drive 6 hours to see you every Friday, easily” while the guy is thinking “yeah, sure. I don’t even like to drive two blocks.”

The Jeffrey Kessler vs the NCAA lawsuit is a little more interesting than the Ed O’Bannon one, but Kessler didn’t play at UCLA so it’s less visible. That’d be the one that creates more of a free market for athletes by taking off a cap on what can be offered in assistance. The NCAA will win in both cases. Don’t kid yourself.

Tre Roberson was one of my five breakout players this year in the B1G at the QB position. So naturally, he transfers. Someone will get a real steal in that kid though. He could play QB in the B1G for an improving Indiana squad. No idea where he’ll go, but there’s a guarantee I keep putting him on arbitrary “Breakout Player” lists that 11 people read.

Enjoyed Oliver Luck’s jab at pretty much everyone else in the conference champion in expanded conferences with the Big 12 not looking to expand with the ole “one true champion” comment. As every other conference goes the SEC model to try to make it infinitely easier to not have everyone play everyone else and potentially watch power teams soar up the rankings, the Big 12 is doing it the more difficult … but ethical route.

Also, on a radio show earlier this week, some character chastised me on Twitter for not talking about West Virginia enough. So here: Clint Trickett’s Twitter account is hilarious. #analysis. There you go. Between that and the above Oliver Luck stuff, I’ve met my June West Virginia football quota.

Miami put out an ad stating “Go to Fewer Games, ” which … well, it should be an attainable goal. It’s like telling water to continue being wet. In fairness to Cane fans, the ad was just poorly put together, and they’re still not the worst fan base in Miami. That easily belongs to the Heat.

On other stuff …
I don’t get soccer fan person. Only sport fan base where if you don’t like the sport, they get horribly offended. It’s like going on Twitter with a conservative political opinion. I don’t understand that. I love golf. I wish fewer people loved golf. It’d open the courses up more for me, which, yeah. Who cares what other people like? Liking soccer or golf doesn’t put you on some sort of intelligence platform.

Additionally, with the World Cup going on, I notice way more people in soccer fan gear. And again, soccer is the only sport where their fan base reps the gear of other countries not their own and apparently roots for them? I mean, when the FIBA championships are here, you never see “Serbia Basketball” or with the Olympics, “Latvian Ski Team” gear. What is it with soccer fan?

Not feeling Pinehurst. The US Open is supposed to be that tournament with calf deep rough that seasoned pros look like the weekend hack only in small enough moments to nod as if they finally understand the struggle. I get the “nostalgic” look courses are going for. PGA tour golf gets stale with the guys playing on perfect tracks in perfect weather all the time. But can we do it to the Western Open and not the US? Worst decision for such an event since Oakmont ripped all the old trees outta the ground like thieves in the night.

That Naked juice is good stuff, but it’s criminally overpriced. If you leave a voice mail longer than 30 seconds, it should be mandatory that whomever you annoyed with the long voice mail not call you back.

That’s really it. It’s June.