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  • 2014 Sugar Bowl Analysis

    Here are some takeaways from tonight’s Sugar Bowl. Oklahoma’s win over Alabama will keep the “which league is the toughest” debate alive throughout the offseason. While the SEC certainly has the upper hand by winning the last seven national championships, OU’s decisive victory proved Stoops’ point that there’s not much difference between the teams at […]

  • Bart’s poll, Week 7

      By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_CFN Voice any discrepancies to Twitter. I might not see it though, so if you really have something to kvetch about and want a real answer (or don’t use Twitter), will work too. Name calling gets to response. 1. Alabama: John Calipari has a whiskey bottle […]

  • Bart’s week 5 poll

    Bart’s week 5 poll

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN Same as always. Blurbs after teams are for dry humor, Twitter me with any issues. I don’t always check the Twitter, but I try. Sort of like Demi Lovato tries to look all rebellious and stuff, but no one actually buys any of it. 1. Alabama: Still […]

  • Bart’s Week 5 poll

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN Same as always. Ask me on Twitter if you have a legitimate question about my poll. “WHY DO YOU HATE MY FAVORITE TEAM YOU MORON HATER LOSER WORTHLESS DUDE?” is not a legitimate question, for the record. 1. Alabama: I thought about something to say here. Realized […]

  • Terry’s Week 3 Takeaways

    Wow, what a weekend for college football! Here are some takeaways from what transpired on the gridiron. After Alabama defeated Texas A&M in one of the wackiest shootouts in SEC history, AJ McCarron should be the frontrunner in the Heisman Trophy race. Not only did he outduel the reigning Heisman winner, he also put his […]

  • Bart’s Week 4 Poll

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN Same as always. Click the Twitter thing if you want to discuss it. And remember, if you back into parking spaces, you’re a horrible human being. As always, the write-ups after the teams are purely for fun. No one’s reading deep analysis after every vote. 1. Alabama: […]

  • Bart’s Week 2 Poll

    By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter: @Bart_CFN As always, the descriptions are for fun. If you really wanna know why I voted how I did, use the Twitter thing or what not. Transparency is fun. Try it some time, politicians. 1. Alabama: When you’re winning by 25 over one of the best football programs […]

  • SITF 2013 SEC Preview

    With the opening weekend just over two weeks away, it’s time for us to tell you who’s going to win each conference. Today, we preview the SEC, which figures to be the strongest conference in the land with 5 teams ranked in the Top 10 of the initial coaches poll. parajumpers jakker dame SEC East […]