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  • Michigan football playing with its soul

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN Michigan”s athletic department is fourth in the nation in total revenue, bringing in over $143,000,000 in 2013. That also registered as second in the B1G … ahead of rival Ohio State. In a word or two, it”s “not broke.” And if it isn”t broke, don”t fix it, […]

  • How we watch college sports is close to changing

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN You know, Mark Emmert was sort of right. (Always a good way to get a bunch of people to not read anything else an article has to offer). Emmert took the stage (metaphorically) in the Ed O’Bannon and public perception v. the NCAA today to talk about […]

  • Nick Saban. Worth every penny.

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN and College Football News Earlier this week, Seattle approved a move to a $15 an hour minimum wage. Because … well … it’s Seattle, and that’s completely idiotic, something Freshman economics will tell you. The inflation it will cause aside, stocking shelves at 3 a.m. or flipping […]