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  • Trespassing on SEC lawn

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN and College Football News There’s a sign on a house not too far from me, says “Trespassers will be shot. Those who live will be shot again.” If a college football conference had such a sign nailed into a tree sitting outside its main offices, it’d be […]

  • Terry’s Takes on the SEC Scheduling Format

    Here are a couple of quick takes on the SEC’s new scheduling format. … The league did the right thing by sticking with an eight game conference slate. Adding the extra contest would have made it much more difficult for each school to schedule seven home games, especially for those that have standing rivalries with […]

  • Top 5 Returning Quarterbacks in the Big 12

    Now that teams are wrapping up spring practice, it’s time to start previewing the 2014 football season. Today, I’ll kick things off by listing the Top 5 returning quarterbacks in the Big 12. 5. JW Walsh, Oklahoma State – Many of you will question him earning the No. 5 spot on this list because he’s still […]

  • 2014 Sugar Bowl Analysis

    Here are some takeaways from tonight’s Sugar Bowl. Oklahoma’s win over Alabama will keep the “which league is the toughest” debate alive throughout the offseason. While the SEC certainly has the upper hand by winning the last seven national championships, OU’s decisive victory proved Stoops’ point that there’s not much difference between the teams at […]

  • 6 Coaches Who Will Not Replace Mack Brown.

    Now that Mack Brown is officially out at Texas, the biggest question is “who will replace him?” I’ll be honest: I have no clue who’s going to take over in Austin next year. Given that UT is one of the top gigs in college football, there should be no shortage of interested candidates. While there’s […]

  • The Michigan Indifference

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. – Oscar Wilde There’s a commercial that routinely plays during Michigan games on the B1G Network promoting the school like all of the others. It ends with the catchphrase “the Michigan Difference.” It’s supposed to insinuate that […]

  • Terry’s Poll After Week 9

    As many of you know, I vote in the Campus Insiders Power 16 Poll every week. Here’s what the ballot I submitted yesterday looked like. Feel free to email me or send me a message on Twitter if you disagree. Regardless, please be sure to check out college football guru Pete Fiutak’s piece, which breaks down […]

  • How I voted, Week 9

    By Bart D. FWAA Member On Twitter @Bart_CFN Check out the Campus Insiders Power 16 Poll, which I vote in. 1. Alabama 2. Florida State 3. Oregon 4. Ohio State 5. Baylor 6. Stanford 7. Oklahoma 8. Miami (FL) 9. Clemson 10. Texas Tech 11. Auburn 12. South Carolina 13. Michigan State 14. UCF 15. […]

  • One B1G step for bad wins over good losses

      By Bart D. FWAA member On Twitter @Bart_CFN There are things worse than winning ugly, specifically, losing. And while the dominoes around college football fell, and some with a thud, the brass of the B1G continued to plod along, unimpressive, but much better than losing. First it was Michigan State, they of one loss […]