The Wishbone Reaction: The Iconic and Progressive Big 12 and Alabama Violates NCAA Rules

How you know when it’s time for football
In less than eight weeks college football season will be in full force, and rather than talking/writing about what might happen, we’ll be dissecting every aspect of every game.

July is tough. We’re so close, yet we can’t quite grasp the feeling of “live” football until the end of August. We debate, talk and write about predictions to go along with team previews while reading the new edition of Phil Steele’s season preview to pass the time.

Some players, however are busy getting into trouble.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Ohio State Buckeye defensive end Tracy Sprinkle was arrested, and is now facing charges of cocaine possession, rioting and failure to disperse following a massive bar fight in northeastern Ohio. There was no cocaine found on Sprinkle, but oddly enough in the back seat of a squad car where he was placed after the fight. Sprinkle has since been suspended pending the outcome of the case.

Also over the weekend, Alabama running back Kenyan Drake was arrested and charged with Obstructing Government Operations during a crime scene investigation at a Tuscaloosa nightclub. The story goes, investigators were working on a crime scene, and Drake told officers his vehicle was parked inside the crime scene. Apparently Drake didn’t like that and went through the crime scene tape, entering the crime scene. Drake was then immediately arrested and placed under a $1000 bond.

Not to be outdone by (former) Texas Tech freshman CB Nigel Bethel II, who reportedly recently got into a fight with a female Tech basketball player, Amber Battle.  Nigel Bethel II has since been dismissed from the team.

When player arrests start to pile up, you know it’s time for some football!

Gimme more alternate uniforms!
One of the offseason events I’ve come to enjoy along with National Signing Day and the plethora of preseason preview publications is the unveiling of new alternate uniforms. There are plenty of “purists” who hate the idea of changing up traditional looks, but I can’t get enough of the new alternate uniform universe.

The Oklahoma Sooners reveled brand new alternate uniforms this past Tuesday. Even the most hardcore traditionalist has to appreciate the inspiration behind the new white helmets, which were done to pay tribute to the Bud Wilkinson era. Coach Wilkinson led the Sonners to three national championships in the 50’s, and also enjoyed 47 straight victories. There’s even a patch on the inner neckline that reads “47 straight.”

The players can look styling with added shrink-wrap fit, meshed ventilation, stretch-woven fabrics and Chain Maille Mesh technology.

The Sooners are looking fresh.

Iconic and progressive
Last week, the Big 12 showed the nation what happens when you online casino put your branding hat on. The conference showcased new looks to their social platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The conference is very proud, also putting on display all the academic accomplishments on the Big 12 with a website

The new logo is being described as “iconic and progressive.” This all around branding approach does appear to be progressive, and innovative. The conference may expand in the future, but it now seems like a very distant future with another microsite The Big 12 wants you to know how proud they’re of the fact they have no conference title game, and that evey team in the conference plays each other every year, because they produce “on true champion.”

This conference has come a long way since 2011, when they were on the verge of collapse. Do you remember when the Mountain West had just claimed Boise State and were also likely to land some combination of Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Missouri?

Well, the Big 12 hasn’t looked back. They also have a big TV deal, and even extended conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby for two more years.

Alabama”s NCAA violations
Alabama released a list of NCAA violations from the last 12 months, and it included three from football. The released list kept names of coaches, administrators and student-athletes in the violations secret. However, reported The biggest violation was a football player receiving an impermissible benefit from a staff member. The player was former safety HaHa Clinton-Dix, who was suspended for two games last season, and staff member was Corey Harris, who was placed on administrative leave but later resigned.

The other two reported violations involved, “contact with a prospect by an impermissible recruiter. Recreational Activities observed by members of the coaching staff,” and ” an assistant coach called a prospect more than once during a given week.” 

Don”t worry Bama fans, no titles will be stripped for these violations.

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